Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My student qualified for the Joseph Baldwin Academy last summer but was unable to attend. Does he/she qualify for automatic nomination to ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy?

A: If a student was nominated by their counselor or principal for the previous year’s Baldwin Academy, but they could not attend, they must qualify for nomination again and be nominated by their school counselor or principal.

Q: When can I apply? How do I apply?

A: Students need to first be nominated by a school Counselor or Principal. If you are homeschooled or need an alternative nomination, please contact our office at tiacademies@truman.edu

Q: Do I have to take the ACT/SAT/PSAT/PLAN? Can I test in February? Can I use last year’s test scores?

A: No. ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy does not require standardized test scores as part of the application process. You may elect to submit test scores in support of your application, but these scores are not required.

In most instances, the PLAN or PSAT is probably already being administered at your school. If you took the ACT or another test in the previous year, you may submit those scores. A photocopy of the scores is fine.

If you attended JBA in the previous session, you do not need to send new scores.

Be sure to make sure that you take tests early enough that scores will be available when we are reviewing applications in the spring.

Q: Can I apply late?

A: The application process is competitive, therefore we advise students not to plan on submitting late applications. However, should you wish to apply late you may apply up until February 18, 2022 and will be placed on a waiting list for potential open seats. Applications will no longer be accepted after that date. Only 80 students will be admitted to ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy this year.

Q: When will I find out when I’ve been admitted?

A: We anticipate being able to notify students in early March, after the process of reviewing on-time applications has been completed.

Q: When will I receive more information so I know what to bring with me?

A: After the first payment deadline, we will send an informational brochure called the “Welcome Guide” to you and your parents. This brochure will contain information about travel to Kirksville, check-in, some of the services that ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy and the University will provide, as well as a list of items your student should (and should not) bring.

This information will be the most up-to-date information on the Academy and will likely be more current than some details you have previously viewed on this website. – SO PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Q: What time should I arrive for check-in?

A: Students attending ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy will check in at the residence hall on Sunday, June 12.

Q: Do I need to purchase books?

A: There are no textbooks required for purchase with the ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy program.

Q: Can I get college credit for my course?

A: No, we do not currently offer college credit for the ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy program because of its short duration.

Q: Will I have access to a computer for word-processing or email? Should my child bring a personal computer to ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy?

A: Because of the short duration of the ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy program, computer access is limited. Students wishing to access e-mail or do work on campus who own a computer will probably want to bring one along.

There are also limited computer workstations available in the residence hall. Computer labs needed for class work will be provided on campus as well.


Q: My child requires a special diet. Are special meal plans available?

A: The dining services on campus offer a wide selection of food at every meal, and their menus are varied enough to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and other diets. If your student requires other special dietary needs or has food allergies, please contact us before you arrive so that we can plan for this.

Q: How are rooms assigned? May I make a specific roommate request?

A: Rooms are assigned randomly, with an eye toward matching students of similar grade and age. In certain cases, we can offer roommate requests and/or individual rooms.

Q: Are religious services available?

A: Given that check-in and check-out both occur on Sundays, individuals of faiths whose services take place on Sunday will likely find attendance at religious services challenging. To the extent we can provide convenient assistance to attend observances, however, we will endeavor to do so.

Adherents to faiths whose services normally take place on other days of the week will likely find it difficult to find a formal location to worship in the Kirksville community. Nonetheless, we support the desires of all people of faith to make appropriate observances.

Please let us know of your specific needs and we will do the best we can to work with you to accommodate them!

Q: What are the arrangements for students who need to take medication or see a doctor while on campus?

A: Students who take routine medications will have their medications stored and logged by our staff and a designated staff member will be responsible for making sure students take their medications in a timely fashion.

We have an established relationship with a Kirksville physician who has served our programs well for many years. When students need daytime care, we arrange to have a member of our staff take students to this physician.

In the unlikely event that urgent care is needed after hours, students are treated at the local Northeast Regional Medical Center emergency room.

Q: How will students traveling by plane get to campus? Who will meet them at the airport?

A: Special travel options are available for students wishing to travel by plane. See detailed information here.

Q: My son/daughter is old enough to drive. Can they drive themselves to ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy?

A: While participating students may be old enough to drive their own vehicles to and from the Academy, ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy will not allow students to use them while participating in the program. Students are STRONGLY discouraged from driving themselves to the Academy. Those that do will be required to register their car with our office prior to arrival, surrender their keys, and park their car in a lot on a distant side of campus. For safety reasons, under no circumstances will a student driving themselves to the Academy be permitted to drive during the program. Students doing so during the program are subject to dismissal.

Q: What are the terms of payment? What credit cards do you accept? Who should I make my check payable to?

A: Information on methods and terms of payment can be obtained here.