Travel & Check-In


Students attending ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy will check-in at the residence hall on Sunday, June 12 at any time after 3:00pm but before 5:00 pm.

Check-in at the Academy

We would like to provide you with some additional information regarding move-in day so that you will know what to expect. Please come to the main lobby of Missouri Hall to check-in but leave your luggage in your car until you have completed the registration process (approximately 15-20 minutes).

When you first enter Missouri Hall to register, it may look a little chaotic. If you have any questions, ask anyone wearing a ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy Staff t-shirt for help. We will have several tables set up to facilitate your check-in.

Room Assignment Table. Here you will check-in and receive your room assignment. You will also receive your room key, student address, and network user ID. A $40.00 room key deposit will be required upon check-in to cover lost keys. Please bring exact change or a check made out to ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy. When you return your key at the conclusion of the Academy, you will receive a refund of this deposit.

Medical Table. You and your parents will turn in all medication to the Healthcare Director. Exceptions will be made for students who have asthma inhalers, insulin, EpiPens, and topical medications.

Once these things have been taken care of, you are now ready to get your luggage and move into your room.


Students must check out of the residence hall on Friday, June 17th as stated in your welcome information.

Check-out at the Academy

All procedures will be found in your welcome information and posted here in the spring.

Packing Up!

After finding your student, you may go with him/her to their room and begin bringing your student’s belongings directly outside to your vehicle. Remember to check the closet, bathroom, and drawers. We do not recommend bringing belongings to the main lounge, as it will already be crowded with other students and families. If you notice that the room is not properly cleaned, students can get cleaning supplies from the floor lounge. But it’s their room; students should clean it, not parents! Once the room is cleaned out, your role is essentially done. The student will go to the lounge on their floor with the room key to continue the checkout procedure.

Room Table

Students will then go back to their room with a preceptor to double check that the room is empty and clean and then return to the Main Lounge.

Medical Table

Students will then pick up any medication they have left. Parents will have the chance to talk with the Assistant Director at this time if they have any questions about their students’ health needs during the week.

Travel Instructions

All ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy students traveling by airplane who require transportation from arrival and departure points to the Truman campus must meet the requirements stated in the welcome information.

If you are traveling by plane – Kirksville Airport 

It is possible to travel to Truman via the Kirksville airport. Cape Air provides three flights each day in and out of Kirksville. Flights connect from St. Louis.  This portion of the flight is flown on an eight-seater propeller craft. The service is reliable and safe and is regularly full.

Students will need to change terminals in St. Louis from their carrier airline to meet a Cape Air flight.  A van shuttle service is available to help them avoid having to go through security a second time. While we are great fans of the Cape Air service, and encourage patrons to consider it, parents will want to discuss logistics with their children if they are inexperienced fliers.

Cape Air charges $52 each way, over and above the cost of your flight to St. Louis, to reach Kirksville. Both Expedia and Travelocity will enable you to include the Kirksville (IRK) leg in your itinerary planning. We continue to offer service for the KC Airport (MCI) because the overall cost of the flight and shuttle tends to be lower cost.

In order to meet the program schedule, ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy students must arrive on the 11:15 AM Cape Air Flight.

Employees of ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy will meet you at the security checkpoint of your arrival gate. Please do not leave this point until a ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy representative meets you since they may have multiple students for pick-up.

The ATSU-Truman Healthcare Academy staff member will be wearing an Academy staff t-shirt and holding an Academy sign. It is important to send your picture because this will help us identify you at the airport. Students will be responsible for their meals on arrival day.

Departing students are checked in and escorted to the security checkpoint by staff members. Because of airport regulations, the staff member will not be able to accompany the students to gates. Students and staff will be given instructions on what to do if a flight is canceled or significantly delayed. Be sure to discuss appropriate topics of airport safety and security procedures with your student.

If you are arriving by car:

When you enter Kirksville, you will be traveling either north or south on Highway 63. A bypass has been constructed that swings to the east of Kirksville just north and south of town. Be sure to take the Baltimore Street exit to enter Kirksville. Turn west on Normal Street and proceed to the University. (See the map link below) The map will help you locate BNB Hall (backing-up to Davis Street) and a list of hotels in the area if your parents need to stay overnight.

Accommodations in Kirksville

For information on hotels in and around Kirksville, please visit Truman’s Visitor’s Guide page or download a map of Kirksville and the Truman campus.